Broadkill Brawl Rules and prizes

Sign ups limited to 100 anglers

Tournament starts at 7 am lines in to 3 PM lines out.  Anglers are allowed two rods each fishing at one time.  Rigs can have no more than two hooks.  

Boundaries are the walk on beach at Broadkill Beach Store.  From West Virginia Avenue to Jackson Avenue there will be flags designating these boundaries.  All anglers must walk on.  Parking is limited if you can double up with family to bring less vehicles that would be helpful. 

Calcutta …   $10 bluefish entry …. based on number of people that sign up for the calcutta, we pay out all monies taken in for any calcutta.   Calcutta monies will be collected when you pick up your registration packets.  These will be at the Broadkill Beach Store the day of the tourney starting at 5 AM.

All anglers must have a Delaware fishing license. No license will result in disqualification.

Fish can only be caught on hook and line. Angler who catches the fish must land the fish. Assistance by netting or gaffing a fish is allowed, but only if the fish is visible to a judge on the beach.  We prefer you do not gaff any large bass or redfish (drum) in case it is out of the allowable slot limit.  No cast nets before the tournament.

One point per inch, all measurements will be rounded down to nearest full inch. All fish must meet minimum length requirements of Delaware creel limits. One extra point for released fish.

If anglers tie on total points, the total fish caught will determine the winner. If this is still tied, then the points of the largest of each species of fish caught will determine the winner. If tie is still not broken, prize money will be divided.  Fish are measured to inside the V of the tail.

In the largest fish category if there is a tie, winner will be the fish caught first. Times will be recorded by judges.

First Place … $400

Second Place … $200

Third Place .. $150

Fourth Place … $50

Largest fish  … DS Custom Tackle surf package

Sixth to the twentieth place prizes … Donated Items By Sponsors

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