All of us at The Broadkill Store are looking forward to a fabulous 2021 Summer Season! Stop by and Say hi! We cannot wait to see you!

The Broadkill Store on Tour

Our food truck will be open for the month of April. We will be parked in front of The Broadkill Store and open for breakfast and lunch each day from 8 – 2. Stop by and say hello!

4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. My first time visiting your store and loved it.next day we came back and ordered lunch for on the beach area it was definitely very nice a d relaxing.everyone is so nice and the ice cream is great too. See you in 2021.

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  2. Your store looks awesome. We are new to the area, is the beach near your store wheelchair accessible. I have a daughter who I would like to see the beach.. thought we could grab lunch and take to the beach
    Your input is most welcome . Thank you.


    1. Brenda,
      Thanks for the inquiry. There is a ramp, but at this time there has been so much erosion that it would be impossible to get her down at the public beach. However, it is okay to drive on with a four wheel drive at Jackson Avenue. No permits required. So, if you have a four wheel drive vehicle, the beach is definitely do-able. That would also be a place that you could get her down to the beach if you have a beach wheelchair. I am not sure, but the local Lions club may be able to help you with that. Jackson Avenue is about five streets south of the store. My house is close by, so if you need a place to park we can make that happen. Welcome to the area.


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All of us from The Broadkill Store would like to thank everyone for such a fabulous and fun filled summer season. We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone this summer and hearing all of your positive feedback about the store. We are going to remain open as long as Mother Nature allows. Continue to check the website, Facebook, and Instagram for updates on our hours and when we will close for the season. Again, THANK YOU ALL!